winstorm Florida Restoration is highly experienced in the repair of wind damaged homes and commercial buildings, Hurricanes and Tornados cause a huge amount of damage to property in the state with roofs damaged or blown off, garage doors being blown in, and trees falling into the home.
The image on the right is typical of what we deal with, the unfortunate homeowner found a tree in their attic! this kind damage is tricky to properly repair as not only is there a hole in the roof, but the roof truss framing is also compromised and rain water has got into the home damaging the sheet-rock and the owners contents.

We offer the following services for storm damaged homes:

  • Sheeting and tarping of damaged roofs.
  • Boarding up of damaged homes.
  • Damage estimating.
  • Engineering evaluations.
  • Temporary shoring.
  • Settling the claim with your adjuster.
  • Structural framing repair.
  • Roof repairs.
  • Interior restoration.
  • Contents cleaning and secure storage.

If your home has been damaged by windstorm, Hurricane or Tornado call us direct at:
(727) 224-3122




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